Program Activities

1. Pre Symposiom Workshop (CPD)

a. Airway Management

b. Regional Anesthesia

c. TCI Workshop

d. Winfocus Ultrasound in Emergency and Critical Care

e. Obsteric Anesthesia

f. CEEA (Cardiovascular Course) 

2. SOAC 3rd Annual Symposium (Scientific Topic)

a. Pain Symposium

b. Regional Complication

c. Cardiac Complication

d. Neurological COmplication

  e. Intensive Care Management

f.  Medico Ethic's Legal Issue

3. Medical & Scientific Exhibition

Scientific exhibition on 29th til 30th November 2013

including the latest technology equipment for clinical

management and pharmaeuthical products & Literature

Companies Interest participating in the exhibition.

4. Call for Paper and e-Poster

Participant are invited to Submit free paper, free paper

should be submitted in english presentation fo oral/e-poster

will not be processed until the registration fee have been

recieved & acknowledged.

5. Family Gathering and Social Activities

Peer Group Meeting (Business Meeting Alumni Meeting)